AXES appoints chief data scientist Andrew Cardno

In the midst of COVID-19 doom and gloom, cloud solutions company has announced the nomination of Andrew Cardno as its chief data scientist, effective immediately.

“Andrew is a brilliantly gifted human being who masters the Global Gaming Industry from a data, information, and artificial intelligence perspective” stated Earle G. Hall, President & CEO of 

“His impressive patent portfolio, many published works, and numerous awards are but some of the global recognition Andrew has received for his work and important contribution to our Industry. I am very excited that Andrew is joining the AXES mission to evolve our Industry and contribute to our mission to provide the most advanced tools and applications to make our information intelligent and actionable for our client’s success.”

Andrew Cardno stated “I have been working directly with AXES on some of their large scale multi-site deployments that span entire countries. In doing this work I have learned that AXES is a truly modern gaming system with an impressive multi-tiered architecture that has allowed them to deploy and run hundreds of sites covering tens of thousands of machines from a centralized cloud server cluster. AXES’ key technology enables: access game level data, serverless sites, operates cashless and even opens the door for tribally hosted private cloud deployments. I have worked directly with their detailed game level data that unlocks powerful actionable insights such as; the true size of wallets of customers or understanding specific responses to winning events. The fine-grained data makes AXES the most advanced gaming management system in our Industry and I am very excited with the upcoming projects to unlock this potential.”