Amax proposes name change to Century Entertainment

Amax International Holdings has proposed a name change to “Century Entertainment International Holdings Limited,” which it says will help to refresh its corporate image. 

The company is principally engaged in investments in gaming and entertainment-related businesses.

It is involved a gaming business in Vanuatu and was previously an investor in Greek Mythology Casino in Macau. 

However, the company has been working on a diversification strategy away from Macau gaming, such as IT solutions businesses, as well as VR/AR and mobile game solutions. 

Earlier this year, the company posted a significantly widened loss of HK$418.3 million for the financial year ended March 31, 2019.

The loss was an increase from an HK$50.7 million loss recorded in the previous financial year, stemming mainly from a one-off impairment and disposal losses of Greek Mythology during the year.

The company had made the decision to make one-off full impairment losses on its interest in Greek Mythology as the company had continuously refused to provide the company with valid financial information since 2012.