Aichi governor launches reelection bid as Tokoname RFI process closes

Aichi Governor Hideaki Omura announced his bid for a third term on Thursday, declaring, “I would like to have responsibility for taking the lead in Japan’s future and furthering the development of Aichi.”
The gubernatorial election will likely be held next February. It is not clear whether or not Omura will be facing any serious challengers.
Under Governor Omura, Aichi Prefecture has a number of major development projects underway, one of which is the possible IR bid at Tokoname city, which the governor seems to support.
The “City of International Tourism Focused on MICE” RFI process ended up with 31 firms submitting plans and information. However, the prefectural authorities have so far declined to give any breakdown on the nature of 31 companies that participated.
Nagoya Mayor Takashi Kawamura has also raised the possibility of making an IR bid, though Governor Omura has made clear his opposition to that notion.