AGTech teams with Jilin on lottery marketing

AGTech Holdings has teamed with Jilin Provincial Sports Lottery Center to jointly launch a marketing and promotional campaign during the 2018 World Cup to enhance the brand awareness of China Sports Lottery and raise the popularity of its sports lottery products.

AGTech said it will leverage Alipay’s robust user base to engage with participants through simple but fun engagement activities. Users of the Alipay app in Jilin will have the chance to win sports lottery coupons worth millions of RMB in total, which can be redeemed in sports lottery sales outlets across Jilin Province. Participants also have the chance to enjoy additional exciting online benefits.

Earlier this year, AGTech teamed with the China Sports Lottery on a national marketing campaign, both online and offline.

“On the back of this success, we are excited to partner with Jilin Provincial Sports Lottery Center, our first such collaboration with a provincial sports lottery center, to deliver differentiated marketing in this digital age,” AGTech Chairman and CEO John Sun said.

“By leveraging the enormous presence of Ant Financial’s payment platform, Alipay, and various online and offline resources, we are confident that the campaign we launch together with Jilin Provincial Sports Lottery Center will help enhance the Sports Lottery’s brand exposure, increase the popularity of its sports lottery products and create an innovative marketing model for the industry.”

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