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    Australian horse racing

    Racing Australia pushes law to stamp out illegal bookmakers

    Any persons involved in Australia’s racing industry who is suspected of placing a bet with an illegal operator can now have his or her phone and computer seized, under new laws pushed through by Racing Australia, local media reports. Persons bound by Australian racing rules includes trainers and owners, who would be subject to stiff […]

    O’Farrell heads Racing Australia, Conroy leads new gambling lobby

    Former NSW premier Barry O’Farrell has been appointed the chief executive of Racing Australia, local media reports. Mr O’Farrell will replace Peter McGauran as the head of the horse racing industry’s peak body on an annual salary of A$350,000. Mr O’Farrell was most recently known for his inquiry for the federal government into online betting, […]

    Norfolk Island loses power to license wagering

    Australia’s federal government has stripped Norfolk Island of its power to grant and renew gaming licenses after a decision by the gaming authority last year brought an illegal bookmaker to Australia’s multi-billion dollar racing industry. Australia’s Minister for Territories, Paul Fletcher revoked the island’s gaming authority’s power after the authority granted permission for betting exchange […]

    Racing Australia calls for complete ban in in-play betting

    Racing Australia chief executive officer Peter McGauran, has called for a complete ban on in-play betting, both telephone and online, warning the betting method breeds corruption, according to an interview with The Australian. McGauran reportedly compared in-play betting to “mindless” poker machine gambling, and said it should be banned for all sports, including horse racing. […]

    Experts warn against short-term fixes in Australia online review

    Following months of controversy over “in-play” bets and growing offshore wagering, the Australian government has said it will launch a review of the country’s online gambling act. Industry experts are calling on the government to avoid short-term fixes and over regulation and instead to focus on the rapidly evolving nature of the sector and the technology that drives it.