Japan Racing Association

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    Japan acts to protect race horses from record heat

    The record-breaking heat this summer has induced the Japan Racing Association (JRA) to step up its countermeasures against race horses falling victim to heatstroke.

    Landowners put the squeeze on Kasamatsu Racecourse

    Booming ticket sales at the Kasamatsu Racecourse, one of the fifteen horse tracks of the National Association of Racing has witnessed spiraling costs for renting the land where it sits. About 260 people own most of the land upon which the Kasamatsu Racecourse, built in 1935, now sits. As the result of an earlier lawsuit, […]

    Sapporo racecourse opens family-friendly turf park

    The Sapporo Racecourse, one of the JRA’s ten major horse racing tracks, recently opened a “Turf Park” to better accommodate family outings by offering non-racing entertainment options for children and their parents. According to the JRA, which spent 850 million yen (US$7.7 million) to construct the elaborate playground, no other race track in Japan possesses […]

    Nagoya racecourse rebuilding via PFI method

    The Nagoya Racecourse is set to be rebuilt in Yutomi City, through a private finance initiative (PFI) method, a first for such a project in Japan, Aichi Governor Hideaki Omura told a press conference on Monday. The current Nagoya Racecourse, originally built in 1949, is located in Nagoya city’s Minato Ward, but in April 2022 […]

    Japan racing industries a $47 billion market

    Despite public anxieties over the establishment of IRs in the next decade, and what that might mean for issues such as gambling addiction, Japan already has a well-established series of racing industries with parimutuel betting that pulls in betting revenues of over $47 billion, according to 2017 figures. Horse racing alone gathers revenues of over […]

    JRA introduces third-party gambler exclusion policy

    The Japan Racing Association (JRA) began implementing third-party gambling addiction exclusions at the end of December, heralding a new direction in Japanese policy expected to apply not only to current forms of gambling, but also to the IRs likely to open in the mid-2020s. The JRA’s new policy allows family members to request that their […]

    JRA opens door to overseas racing

    A hold of more than US$40 million on a single horse race might seem substantial in most racing jurisdictions — the stuff of dreams, in fact —but for Japan it is a drop in the ocean, and now overseas races are finally getting a taste of the action. It can take a while for the bureaucratic wheels to start turning within the Japan Racing Association (JRA), but the nation's ravenous horse racing bettors have been unleashed on a selected number of overseas events. That hold figure is for the amount bet on the first of the JRA’s simulcast races held in October when some of their punters were set loose on the Prix d l'Arc de Triomphe in France.