Imperial Pacific Resort & Hotel

    Imperial Pacific Resort & Hotel, previously known as The Grand Mariana Resort & Hotel, is a deluxe integrated resort on the Island of Saipan. The $7.1 billion casino resort will include 250 gaming tables and 450 slot machines. A 374-suite hotel will open three months later. A second phase will include 1,200 hotel rooms, multiple shopping facilities, and a convention center.

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    Arrest of IPI executives may be on the cards

    District Court for the NMI Chief Judge Ramona Manglona is getting tougher with senior executives of Imperial Pacific International, warning that unless Chairwoman Cui Li Jie and former Chief Executive Officer Donald Browne show up in her court on the morning of January 21, she may issue arrest warrants against them.

    Donald Browne quietly stepped down as IPI CEO in December

    Donald Browne has told a federal court that he stepped down as the CEO of Imperial Pacific International in early December, though this was not revealed publicly. Browne had only assumed the office six months ago.

    Almost half of IPI construction force must leave CNMI this month

    Almost half, or 88 of the over the 200 construction workers of Imperial Pacific International, will have to leave the CNMI by the end of this month because their H-2B visas are expiring.

    Xerox the latest firm to launch lawsuit against IPI

    Imperial Pacific International is facing yet another lawsuit for its nonpayment of various contractors, workers, and others. This time, Xerox company is suing IPI for about US$183,000 for its failure to pay for services rendered and equipment rented.

    IPI faces new lawsuit over unpaid bills

    The proprietor of Fritz Pacific Project Development Services has filed a legal complaint against Imperial Pacific International for breach of a manpower staffing subcontract, seeking about US$745,000 in unpaid invoices.

    IPI’s money and labor law violations under closer pursuit

    The Saipan Chamber of Commerce has asked the Commonwealth Casino Commission to hold Imperial Pacific International accountable for their violations of labor laws, wage and hour laws, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration violations.

    IPI and CEO Browne found in contempt, but escape jail time

    The US District Court for the NMI found both Imperial Pacific International and Chief Executive Officer Donald Browne, in contempt for noncompliance with court orders. However, because IPI finally complied with the court’s sanctions of over US$93,000 on December 4, the court held that Browne need not serve jail time.

    IPI CEO asks for public defender to keep him out of jail

    Imperial Pacific International chief executive officer Donald Browne has asked the federal court to appoint a lawyer to represent him as he faces possible incarceration, claiming that he is financially unable to pay for his own attorney.

    IPI says paid contractor failed to file paperwork

    Imperial Pacific International paid a services firm $130,000 to oversee the construction of its casino and hotel tower and to file the documents with the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands' Department of Public Works. However, the contractor failed to submit the paperwork, the company says.
    CNMI on path to legalize online gambling

    CNMI on path to legalize online gambling

    The CNMI Senate passed on a 6-1-1 vote a bill that would legalize and regulate the creation of an online gambling industry on Saipan, Tinian, and Rota.
    Ralph DLG Torres

    CNMI governor gives the green light to IPI

    CNMI Governor Ralph DLG Torres has made it clear that if the curtain comes down on Imperial Pacific International’s operations in Saipan, it’s not going to result from any action that he is prepared to take.

    Turkish workers sue IPI for alleged false work condition promises

    A group of workers from Turkey have filed the latest lawsuit against Imperial Pacific International, this time on accusations that the company lured them to Saipan on various false promises about their working conditions.

    IPI gets nod to waiver minimum cage requirement

    The Commonwealth Casino Commission board approved an order that temporarily adjusted a requirement for Imperial Pacific International to maintain $1 million at minimum in its casino cage. The ruling will allow the company to move the estimated $688,000 to $690,000 to a secure place.

    CNMI casino commission concerned about impact of China blacklist

    Commonwealth Casino Commission Chairman Edward C. Deleon Guerrero raised concern to Imperial Pacific International CEO Donald Browne about the possible impact of Chinese government’s potential blacklisting of cross-border or overseas gambling destinations.

    IPI reprieve on community benefit fund amidst new dispute and lawsuit

    The CNMI Lottery Commission approved Imperial Pacific International’s request to extend for three years the deadline to pay its US$20 million community benefit fund contribution and to defer for five years the payment of the US$36 million that IPI failed to remit in previous years. Meanwhile, construction woes continued with a new lawsuit against IPI and a dispute with the construction engineers.

    IPI’s Browne says he’ll risk jail to put employees first

    Imperial Pacific International CEO says that he is being used as a pawn to satisfy the demands of “millionaire” plaintiff lawyers and he is willing to risk jail to pay employees first. Meanwhile, the Commonwealth Casino Commission says it is looking into IPI’s failure to pay its employees and the Department of Public Works says it still doesn’t have all the documents it needs to authorize IPI to resume casino hotel construction.
    Imperial pacific Holdings

    Lawyer asks court to put IPI CEO Donald Browne in jail

    The stakes are getting higher for Imperial Pacific International, particularly after a lawyer for one of the plaintiffs asked the court for Chief Executive Officer Donald Browne to be jailed for contempt of court.

    Regulator dubious about IPI security deposit claims

    Commonwealth Casino Commission Chair Edward Deleon Guerrero is skeptical about Imperial Pacific International’s claim that an investor that has put up US$5.59 million as a security deposit on behalf of the firm at a time when the mother company in Hong Kong is unwilling to do likewise.

    IPI expects permission to resume hotel casino construction this week

    Imperial Pacific International Senior Vice-President for Media and Public Affairs Tao Xing has told the local media that the firm anticipates it will receive permission from the CNMI Department of Public Works to resume hotel-casino construction this week.

    IPI’s Browne calls for elimination of Saipan’s 700 illegal gaming machines

    Imperial Pacific International CEO Donald Browne has declared that regulators and lawmakers should stop worrying about “minor issues” and instead focus on eliminating the roughly 700 “unregulated and unlawful” gaming machines on Saipan.

    More court actions against IPI over unpaid bills

    Imperial Pacific International is facing additional court action in relation to the firm’s unwillingness or inability to meet its financial obligations. The CNMI Division of Revenue and Taxation collection branch has filed another tax lien notice, and the company is said to have not complied with the federal court order to pay plaintiffs’ attorneys’ fees in one of the cases against it.
    IPI hotel construction hits a wall

    IPI hotel construction hits a wall

    The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Department of Public Works (DPW) has informed Imperial Pacific International (IPI) that its hotel and casino project in Garapan, Saipan, is in violation of the Building Safety Code and must come to an immediate halt.

    Revealed that IPI filed no approved resort construction plan

    In the latest twist in the Imperial Pacific International saga, it has been revealed that the local authorities allowed construction of the Saipan casino resort without providing approved construction plans.

    IPI accused of building code violations in casino resort construction

    The Building Safety Code Division of the CNMI Department of Public Works recently notified Imperial Pacific International about alleged IPI violations pertaining to the ongoing construction of its casino resort.

    IPI gets six-month extension to pay US$20 million

    The Imperial Pacific casino has been been given a six-month extension for payment of US$20 million it owes the Northern Marianas government.

    IPI has no right to avoid self-incrimination

    A District Court for the NMI declared that Imperial Pacific International has no 5th Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination as she denied the firm's request to suspend the court proceedings in the lawsuit of seven construction workers who have alleged labor and other violations.

    Commonwealth Casino Commission claims control over license revocation

    Commonwealth Casino Commission Chairman Edward Deleon Guerrero claims that his body is the only one authorized to suspend or revoke the gaming license of Imperial Pacific International.
    IPI asks to pay its overdue casino license fee in installments

    IPI asks to pay its overdue casino license fee in installments

    Cash-strapped Imperial Pacific International is making yet another proposal to the CNMI government; this time to allow it to pay its US$15 million annual casino license fee in installments. IPI has also requested that its license fee be slashed by 50 percent, include a smaller contribution to the community benefit fund, and provide for an […]
    indecision over IPI

    CNMI governor signals his indecision over IPI

    CNMI Governor Ralph Torres has signaled his fundamental lack of direction on the question of how to handle Imperial Pacific International and its inability to meet its financial commitments. Although the governor had issued an official letter just last month informing the firm of his intention to suspend or revoke its casino license as a […]
    Tax Office to trump Pacific Rim in IPI spoils

    Tax Office to trump Pacific Rim in IPI spoils

    A $9.4 million claim by the Commonwealth of Northern Marianas Islands’ tax department should come before the claims of former contractor Pacific Rim Development in a legal dispute, local media reports the Office of the Attorney General as saying.

    IPI trying to hold on to its foreign workers

    Imperial Pacific International Senior Vice-President of Public Affairs Tao Xing has told the government authorities in CNMI that the firm is extending the contract of some of their 260 foreign workers to allow the possibility of reopening in future months. These workers are employed under a special CNMI-Only Transitional Worker Program, using a so-called CW-1 […]

    IPI claims CNMI government breached casino license

    Perhaps figuring that a good offense is the best defense, Imperial Pacific International has taken the remarkable step of accusing the CNMI government of breaching its casino license in an attempt to divert blame from its inability to pay its US$15.5 million annual licensing fee. IPI Chief Executive Officer Donald Browne addressed a letter to […]

    CNMI governor informs IPI license will be suspended or revoked

    CNMI Governor Ralph Torres has issued a letter to Imperial Pacific International informing the firm of his intention to suspend or revoke its casino license as a result of its failure to pay its US$15.5 million annual license fee. IPI CEO Donald Browne has earlier informed the government that it was currently unable to pay […]

    Commonwealth Casino Commission disappointed by IPI

    Chairman of the Commonwealth Casino Commission Edward DeLeon Guerrero has issued a public statement expressing disappointment in Saipan casino operator Imperial Pacific International. “IPI needs to fulfill its obligations,” the statement begins, “not only to the people of the CNMI, but also to their employees, vendors, and other parties who are contracted to work with […]

    IPI share price fall forces chairman to offload shares

    Imperial Pacific chairman, executive director, and majority shareholder Cui Li Jie has been forced to sell 2.2 billion shares in Imperial Pacific, after a fall in share price caused enforcement of margin financing.  According to a voluntary announcement from Inventive Star, a wholly-owned company of Cui Li Jie, the company’s shareholding interest in IPI has […]

    IPI facing sexual harassment lawsuit

    The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is suing Imperial Pacific International for allegedly subjecting some female VIP service hosts to physical and verbal sexual harassment by high rollers visiting the IPI casino. The Commonwealth Casino Commission revealed that it received a subpoena for IPI records from the US District Court for the NMI at the […]

    IPI may have cash seized from its casino cage

    Pacific Rim Land Development, one of the companies suing Imperial Pacific International over nonpayment for services, was able to execute a court-ordered on site inspection of the IPI casino, and has asked the court to allow it to seize the cash found in the casino cage. The total amount of currency reportedly found in the […]

    IPI seeks options to sell or bring in new investors for Saipan property

    Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Lottery Commission Chairman Mark Rabauliman has revealed to the local media that Imperial Pacific International is seeking permission to either sell or bring in new investors to its troubled casino hotel on Saipan. IPI seeks a provision that would read, “For the avoidance of doubt, the licensee is not […]

    IPI seeks cuts to license fee

    Imperial Pacific International is seeking to halve its casino license fee for Saipan due to the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a media report. The company has also asked for amendments including the extension of a deadline to complete the construction of its resort from next February to 2022. It has also asked for contributions to […]

    IPI promotes Donald Browne to CEO

    Saipan casino operator Imperial Pacific International has appointed Donald Browne, its senior vice president having served since 2015, as the new CEO.  According to an internal message from IPI management to its employees, Browne is a well-regarded leader of IPI with decades of gaming experience.  “In his previous role as senior vice president, he proves […]

    IPI lawyer pleads for time to make payments

    Imperial Pacific International’s lawyer has appealed to the US District Court to give the company time to pay what it owes, as it now has multiple claimants on its money. The lawyer noted that IPI had to prioritize payment of its employee payroll in accordance with the demands of the Commonwealth Casino Commission. “Part of […]

    Regulator says following legal process in IPI dispute

    Commonwealth Casino Commission head Edward Guerrero said he would have revoked a casino license for Imperial Pacific International already, if it hadn’t been for the need to follow due legal process.

    Hundreds of IPI workers protest nonpayment of wages

    Hundreds of Imperial Pacific International workers stopped work and engaged in protests on the streets of Saipan, decrying the non-payment of their wages and poor conditions in their dormitories and at the construction site. Carrying signs with messages such as “We Want to Get Paid” and “Open Back the IPI Bank Account,” the workers appealed […]

    Competing litigants fight to seize IPI’s remaining cash

    In the high-stakes game of musical chairs it has become, those companies suing Imperial Pacific International for alleged nonpayment for services have begun fighting among themselves to ensure whatever cash assets that IPI still possesses goes to themselves and not to competing litigants. In the latest action, Security Title Inc., which holds almost US$2.5 million […]

    IPI hit by fresh lawsuit over failure to pay for worker meals

    The woes of tottering Imperial Pacific International have not relented this week as another company came forward to launch a lawsuit against it and one of its warehouses burned to the ground. Ping Shun Corporation is suing IPI before the federal court on five counts related to its alleged failure to pay for daily meals […]

    IPI on verge of having CNMI accounts seized

    Troubled operator Imperial Pacific International appears on the verge of having US$6.9 million seized from its CNMI bank accounts in order to pay damages in a lost lawsuit to former contractor Pacific Rim Land Development. In late April, Pacific Rim won a judgement against IPI in the amount of US$5.7 million for breach of contract, […]

    Parent company will back IPI Saipan: lawyer

    Michael Dotts, general counsel for the Saipan casino operator, says that Imperial Pacific International Holdings, the Hong Kong-listed parent company of IPI (CNMI) LLC, will continue to provide financial support to see the firm through its many troubles. “My understanding is that the parent company has committed to further finance this IPI,” Dotts told local […]

    IPI staff suffer electricity cut as another lawsuit hits the firm

    The existential woes of Imperial Pacific International deepened even further this week as Saipan’s utility cut electricity services to its staff housing units over nonpayment of bills and a New York-based firm launched another lawsuit against the firm. In regard to the power cut, IPI Vice President Tao Xing issued an internal memorandum noting that […]

    IPI hit by power shutoff after nonpayment of energy bill

    Imperial Pacific International was briefly hit by a power shutoff this week after falling delinquent on paying its energy bill. The Commonwealth Utilities Corporation (CUC) cut electric power to the company’s offices at Vestcor and perhaps its casino at Garapan as well. Asked by the local media how much IPI owed, CUC Executive Director Gary […]

    IPI loses US$5.6 million judgement to former contractor

    US District Court Judge Ramona V. Manglona has awarded Pacific Rim Land Development a US$5.6 million judgement against Imperial Pacific International for a failure to properly pay for construction services. The judge found that IPI failed to make payments under its promissory note, delivering only US$5,650,000 of the total US$11,300,000 that was due by June […]

    IPI files countersuit against former contractor

    Imperial Pacific International has accused its former contractor, Pacific Rim Land Development, of providing false information in its lawsuit against the firm, and has filed a countersuit on the argument that Pacific Rim engaged in a “failure to negotiate in good faith and mediate” as had been required. Other counterclaims filed by IPI against its […]

    IPI 2019 revenue drops as VIP roll collapses

    Imperial Pacific International reported a more than 77 percent drop in 2019 revenue and a wider loss as its VIP business dried up.

    IPI fails to get lawsuit dismissed

    Imperial Pacific International has failed in an attempt to quash a lawsuit from three local businesses who accuse the operator of interfering with their operations.

    IPI issues profit warning to shareholders

    Imperial Pacific International warned its shareholders in a filing to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that its full year 2019 results will include higher financial losses. The note stated that “based on the information currently available to the board, the group is expected to record an increase in net loss for the year ended 31 […]

    IPI hires more lawyers to defend against forced labor allegations

    Imperial Pacific International has hired two new lawyers, former NMI Bar president Sean E. Frink and Catherine J. Cachero of the Marianas Legal Strategy Group, to defend the company against a former contractor and subcontractor. These new lawyers will join Kelley Butcher, who has previously been representing IPI in this case. The plaintiffs, who are […]

    CNMI lawmaker demands US$37 million payment from IPI

    Northern Marianas Commonwealth Legislature lawmaker Tina Sablan is seeking more information about Imperial Pacific International, as well as further revenue from the company. IPI was required by Section 16 of its Casino License Agreement to pay out US$20 million in 2018 and another US$20 million on or before October 1, 2019, for the Community Benefit […]

    Cash-strapped IPI braces for economic impact of coronavirus

    Imperial Pacific International, already challenged in meeting its financial obligations, issued a statement to the local community assuring them of its intention to fight through the many challenges, not least the disruption in the flow of tourists to the CNMI caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus issue. “Today, the new coronavirus outbreak is impacting the world, […]

    H-2B visa delay setting back construction for IPI

    IPI vice president for construction Eric Poon says the company is still waiting on the approval of “hundreds” of H-2B visa applications made in 2019, which is key to completing construction of its hotel tower on time, local media reports. Poon said that the resorts’ hotel beachfront villas and construction of the North Wing are […]

    Court dismisses lawsuit between IPI and former VIP host

    A CNMI district court has dismissed a lawsuit filed by a former Imperial Pacific International VIP hostess against her company after the two parties reached a settlement, local media reports.  Shirlene Loh was a former VIP services host from October 2015 to August 2016. Loh said she worked 14 hour days, without break, but IPI […]

    IPI aims for Japanese VIP, families and newlyweds

    Imperial Pacific International is set to turn its sights to Japanese tourists and VIP gamblers, after hiring a number of marketing representatives to target the market.  Speaking to the Marianas Variety, IPI senior vice president Donald Browne said the launching of Skymark Airlines’ Tokyo-Saipan flight service has allowed IPI to bring in Japanese visitors to […]

    IPI loses its lawyer

    Phillip J. Tydingco, the high-powered lawyer who has been representing Imperial Pacific International (IPI) in a number of legal cases, has indicated that he will be stepping away from his role next week.

    IPI controlling shareholder reduces stake in the company

    Inventive Star, the controlling shareholder of Imperial Pacific International (IPI), is disposing of around 4.9 percent of the issued share capital of the company, bringing its total stake in IPI to around 58.6 percent.  IPI is the operator behind the Imperial Pacific Hotel & Resort, located in Saipan. No reason was given for the disposal.  […]

    IPI to appear before grand jury in Jan

    Saipan casino operator Imperial Pacific International has been summoned to testify before a grand jury in January, as has been ordered to bring communications between IPI and Gov. Ralph DLG Torres about any discussions relating to cash, Saipan Tribune reports. Under the subpoena, IPI will appear at the court on January 30, 2020, and commands […]

    80 construction workers for IPI to leave today

    Around 80 construction workers employed by Imperial Pacific International will leave the island starting today, prior to the January 2020 expiration of their H2-B visas, local media reports. The 80 workers are the first of a total of 150 Taiwan nationals that have been asked to resign.  One worker said he believes they have been […]

    Decision to be made on IPI discrimination lawsuit shortly

    A discrimination lawsuit filed against Imperial Pacific International from the company’s former director of operations has been placed under advisement by the District Court of the NMI Chief Judge Ramona V. Manglona after a motion hearing on Wednesday, Marianas Variety reports.  Manglona said a written decision will be issued shortly. The lawsuit stems from Joshua […]

    Imperial Pacific faces $375,000 fine for late fee payment

    Imperial Pacific International (IPI) may be facing a fine of $375,000 for late payment of its casino license renewal fee, according to local media reports. 
    Imperial Pacific

    IPI in trouble for partial license payment

    Imperial Pacific International is in hot water with the Saipan government for only paying a third of its $15 million annual license renewal fee, which was due on August 12, 2019.  Gov. Ralph DLG Torres told the Saipan Tribune over the weekend that he received information from the Commonwealth Casino Commission that IPI had only […]

    IPI controlling shareholder reduces stake in the casino company

    The controlling shareholder of Imperial Pacific International, a company known as Inventive Star Limited, has entered into a disposal contract with a third-party to sell around 14 billion shares of IPI.  Inventive Star Limited currently owns approximately 63.5 percent of the issued share capital in IPI.  Following the disposal to Guan Lim Capital Holdings Group, […]

    Japan’s GCM agrees $500m investment in Imperial Pacific project

    Japan’s GCM Ltd. has agreed to invest $500 million in the first phase of Imperial Pacific’s integrated resort on Saipan, the company says.

    IPI sees clear road ahead for resort construction

    Saipan casino operator Imperial Pacific International is optimistic it will regain investor confidence after gaining approval to take over the Marianas Resort & Spa last week, and the arrival of new workers from Taiwan and Thailand starting from May. IPI CEO Mark Brown said the latest two developments are the final pieces coming together for […]

    IPI allowed to manage and operate Mariana Resort

    Imperial Pacific has been allowed to manage and operate the entire Mariana Resort & Spa starting mid-May, local media reports. The announcement was made by IPI president and CEO Mark Brown during a Commonwealth Casino Commission board meeting on Thursday. “…We are stepping in and we are going to manage the property. We will take […]

    IPI expects phase 1 opening by end of Q3

    Imperial Pacific International Holdings on Tuesday announced it expects to “partially” open its casino resort by September 30, 2019. The company didn’t add any more detail to its announcement to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, only that the opening would be for phase 1 of its integrated resort development, which it calls “Imperial Palace Saipan.” […]

    Imperial Pacific to pay $3m to settle wage dispute

    Hong Kong-listed Imperial Pacific will pay $3 million to settle U.S. Department of Labor claims that construction workers weren’t paid minimum wages and overtime, the AP reports, citing court documents.

    IPI gets three year extension for initial gaming facility

    Imperial Pacific International Holdings has been given an extension for completion of its initial gaming facility in Saipan to no later than February 28, 2021, according to a filing from the operator. IPI said the extension request, made to the Commonwealth Lottery Commission was made because of the “drastic reduction and non-availability of sufficient skilled […]

    IPI asks for extension to Dec. 2020

    CNMI’s Development Plan Advisory Committee has recommended extending the deadline for Imperial Pacific International to complete construction of its Saipan hotel-casino to December 2020, local media reports. The deadline for the resort’s completion was originally August 31, 2018. However, IPI said it can not meet the deadline and submitted its proposal for extension to the […]

    IPI issues profit warning for 18H1

    Saipan casino operator Imperial Pacific International has issued a profit warning for the six months ended June 30, 2018. IPI said the “substantial” decrease in profit is due mainly to a decrease in total revenue and impairment of trade receivables. The company has been working hard to finish construction of its Saipan resort. It has […]

    IPI appoints new chairperson and exec director

    Imperial Pacific International Holdings has announced the appointment of Ms. Xia Yuki Yi as its new executive director and chairperson of the executive committee, replacing Ms. Cai Lingli. Speaking about her resignation, IPI said that Ms. Cai resigned in order to “devote additional time to her family and other personal business commitments.” Ms. Xia Yuki Yi […]

    IPI only 69 percent complete: Poon

    With only a few weeks until the deadline for Imperial Pacific’s new resort hotel in Garapan, and an extension request in the works, IPI officials have revealed that the project is currently 69 percent complete, Saipan Tribune reports. Speaking to the Commonwealth Casino Commission on Tuesday, Eric Poon, IPI vice president for construction said the […]

    IPI hires nearly 600 Filipino construction workers

    Imperial Pacific International has hired nearly 600 foreign construction workers to help with the construction of the Garapan casino-resort facility, local media reports. The workers, who are from the Philippines, have arrived on H-2B visas. They are in addition to over 1,000 workers from Guam. “Construction progress on the casino-hotel project is much better than […]

    IPI considers adding second shift for construction workers

    Imperial Pacific International is considering adding night shifts for its construction workers in order to complete the Imperial Pacific Resort as soon as possible, according to a report from Saipan Tribune. Last week during a meeting between IPI executives and the Commonwealth Casino Commission, IPI admitted they will not be able to finish construction of […]

    IPI looks to December for hotel resort completion

    Imperial Pacific International is likely going to be missing its August 2018 deadline, and is currently in the process of applying for an extension to December, Saipan Tribune reports. IPI’s request came during a presentation at the Commonwealth Casino Commission regular meeting held on Thursday. “The development of the resort hotel experienced a big jump […]

    IPI sues bad-debt high roller

    A Chinese high-roller who has failed to pay back $5 million he borrowed from Imperial Pacific International is being sued by the company in the CNMI Superior Court, Marianas Variety reports. According to the casino operator’s attorneys, IPI lent $5 million to the defendant, Yonglun Bao on February 2, 2017 while he was in Saipan. […]

    IPI to take Bloomberg to court for defamation

    Bloomberg L.P. and two of its reporters are being sued in a Hong Kong court by Imperial Pacific International Holdings for defamation, Marianas Variety reports. The High Court of Hong Kong SAR’s Court of First Instance has issued a writ of summons to Bloomberg, which has been named first defendant in the lawsuit. Bloomberg reporters […]

    IPI workers leave CNMI over uncertain future

    Uncertain of their future and immigration status, a number of foreign workers at Imperial Pacific International have chosen to leave the CNMI, according to a senior company official, reported by Saipan Tribune. Speaking at a Commonwealth Casino Commission meeting last week, IPI human relations vice president Bertha Leon Guerrero said it was hard for CW1 […]

    Imperial Pacific aims to build brand awareness in Japan

    Lu Tsai, senior vice-president of operations and improvement for Imperial Pacific in Saipan, met with Asia Gaming Brief on the sidelines on the Japan Gaming Congress on Thursday to discuss his company’s efforts to build brand awareness within the Japanese market, an effort which he is now in the process of launching. According to Tsai, […]

    IPI debt levels rise, construction woes persist

    Imperial Pacific International is facing mounting levels of bad debt due to its practice of extending direct credit to VIPs, while it continues to struggle to make headway on completing its hotel facilities. Problems for Saipan’s only operator continue to mount, with the company recently denying persistent reports it has been the subject of a Federal Bureau of Investigation raid. In its most recent results, the company posted stellar topline growth, though its outstanding receivables and debt provisions also gained in tandem, with the figures showing a high degree of credit risk concentration on just a handful of clients.

    IPI confirms it will be seeking for construction deadline extension

    Imperial Pacific International (IPI) has confirmed it will be asking the CNMI government for an extension for the completion of its integrated resort in Garapan. Deadline for the resort’s completion is August 31, 2018, however, IPI said a deadline extension is required as a result of the termination of construction services by certain companies and […]

    Saipan visa program under threat

    An effort to save a program that allows the Northern Mariana Islands to import labor is likely to fail due to recent cases of abuse and visa fraud, the AP reports. The visa classification, known as CW-1, allows employers to seek permission to hire foreign workers and is aimed at alleviating a labor shortage among […]

    Labor issue spells possible trouble for IPI

    A mass exodus of workers on the Imperial Pacific Resort construction site could mean more delays are in store for the casino-hotel, which is aiming to complete construction by August 2018. According to the Saipan Tribune, around 3,000 worker slots were cut from the CW-1 program this fiscal year, which has wreaked havoc on IPI’s […]

    IPI opens new cocktail lounge

    Imperial Pacific Resort Hotel has announced the opening of DÁ Lounge, the hotel’s new cocktail lounge as the icon of the entire property. DÁ Lounge is located in the lobby of the casino, adjacent to the fairy like marble staircase and the grand hallway with an LED ceiling screen, featuring the spectacular pastel sky of […]

    IPI announces amended casino license agreement

    Imperial Pacific International Holdings Ltd has announced amendments to its casino license agreement regarding timings for its initial gaming facility, as well as phase one and two integrated resorts. Under the revised proposal requirements and implementation schedules, the initial gaming facility is required to be completed ‘no later’ than August 31, 2018. According to the […]

    IPI to complete hotel portion by August 2018

    Imperial Pacific International says it expects to complete the construction of its villas by January of next year, while 374 hotel rooms are expected to complete in August 2018, Marianas Variety reports. The operator shared its progress with the Commonwealth Casino Commission on Thursday. IPI added that it is also focusing on completing the food […]

    Imperial Pacific Resort Hotel to open on Thursday

    Imperial Pacific International Holdings Ltd is set to open its integrated resort, Imperial Pacific Resort Hotel in Saipan, on Thursday, July 6, 2017, according to a company press release on Monday. “This spectacular new casino is set to redefine luxury as part of Saipan’s exciting development into a world center of leisure and entertainment,” said […]

    IPI on the verge of opening casino

    Saipan’s Department of Public Works has finally approved Imperial Pacific’s conditional certificate of occupancy, bringing the casino operator one step closer to opening the casino portion of its resort project. According to local media, the permit was reportedly issued on Tuesday, with IPI now required to get approvals from the Commonwealth Casino Commission before it […]

    Illegal Chinese workers demand pay

    More than 50 Chinese construction workers hired to build the Imperial Pacific Hotel & Resort gathered in a protest on Friday demanding to be paid their wages. According to a report from Reuters, the Chinese workers, who entered Saipan on tourist visas, demanded that the casino contractor MCC International Saipan pay their wages. Earlier this […]

    Imperial Pacific to feature 48 baccarat tables

    Imperial Pacific’s new casino is set to feature more than 300 gaming tables and 48 baccarat tables once it gets the go-ahead to open to the public, according to Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC marketing and public affairs director David Largent. According to a report from the Saipan Tribune, Largent says that they will make […]

    U.S. Department of Homeland Security to decide on visa waiver

    The Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, John Kelly, will decide whether the CNMI can continue a visa-waiver program for Chinese and Russian tourists, Marianas Variety reported, citing an interview with a U.S. official. In the meantime, the program will continue. “The final decision is up to the [DHS] secretary. The secretary has […]
    IPI proposes paying half of license fee now, half later

    Imperial Pacific casino still set for March 31 opening

    Saipan casino operator Imperial Pacific International Holdings says it expects to complete construction of its casino on March 31, 2017, according to the company annual report released on Monday. “The construction of the Imperial Pacific Resort has been progressing smoothly, with over 2,000 workers working around-the-clock to ensure timely completion. It is expected that the […]

    Imperial Pacific VIP rolling slumps 14.5 percent in Feb

    Imperial Pacific International Holdings saw its VIP table games rolling chip turnover slump 14.5 percent year-on-year to US$1.7 billion, according to the company’s filing to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. VIP table games rolling for February was down nearly 70.2 percent sequentually from US$5.6 billion in January. The Saipan casino operator is set to hold […]

    Imperial Pacific requests deadline extensions

    Casino operator Imperial Pacific International has requested to extend the license of its temporary casino at T-Galleria in order to buy more time for the construction of its new integrated resort, Marianas Variety reports. The casino operator was originally planning a “soft opening” of its new casino on Mar. 31, but it appears this deadline […]

    IPI casino soft opening at end-March

    Imperial Pacific International (IPI) is planning a “soft opening” of its new casino on Mar. 31, but Saipan’s casino regulator has urged caution, according to a report from Marianas Variety. On Thursday, Imperial Pacific representatives updated the Commonwealth Casino Commission and members of the House Committee on Gaming of the progress of its integrated resort […]
    IPI proposes paying half of license fee now, half later

    Imperial Pacific Resort to open 17Q1

    Saipan casino operator Imperial Pacific International Holdings has seemingly pushed back the opening of its new casino resort to the first quarter of 2017, deferring its earlier planned CNY opening. In a voluntary filing from the operator on Wednesday, the company said the “‘Imperial Pacific Resort’ will commence soft opening in the first quarter of […]

    Labor secretary pushes for federal warrant to inspect casino site

    Saipan’s Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez has requested for the federal court to issue a warrant to inspect the construction site of Imperial Pacific Resort in Garapan after an Occupational Safety and Health Administration was denied entry, Saipan Tribune reports. The OHS administration was attempting to investigate the alleged death of a worker and other […]

    Imperial Pacific posts US$1.7 billion VIP revenue in November

    Imperial Pacific’s temporary casino in Saipan raked in US$1.7 billion in VIP rolling chip for the month of November, according to its filing to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The casino operator is currently building the Imperial Pacific Resort & Hotel on Saipan, with phase 1 of the development project expected to be completed in […]
    IPI proposes paying half of license fee now, half later

    CCC praises Imperial Pacific’s employment initiatives

    Commonwealth Casino Commission officials have praised the efforts made by Imperial Pacific in hiring and training the local workforce in line with its employment plan and federal requirements, local media reports. Last week, 15 individuals completed the Baccarat Dealer Training provided by the casino operator, and are now certified to work on the casino floor. […]

    No limit to junket operators in Saipan: Regulator

    The Commonwealth Casino Commission says there will be no-limit on the number of junket operators allowed to do business in Saipan once the Imperial Pacific Resort and Hotel opens next year. “No number [limit] for the junket operators. The live training facility that currently operates only has five VIP rooms, but when the Grand Mariana […]

    Imperial Pacific to abide by license agreement

    Saipan casino operator Imperial Pacific International says it will continue to abide by the conditions of its license agreement in regards to imported labor, local media reports.  In a statement to local media, the company said: “[IPI] would continue to follow and meet what is required based on the exclusive casino license agreement. Currently the […]

    Saipan issues provisional license to Korean junket

    Saipan’s gaming regulator has issued a provisional license to Korea-based junket operator, Big Bang Entertainment, local media reports. The provisional license was issued by the Commonwealth Casino Commission on August 11, 2016 to Du Young Jang who owns Big Bang Entertainment LLC, and will expire on August 31, 2017. Deleon Guerrero, executive director of the […]

    Imperial Pacific to issue bond for Saipan casino

    Imperial Pacific is set to offer a high-yield bond to investors in order to fund the construction of the Imperial Pacific Resort and Hotel on Saipan. The pricing of the notes, including the aggregate principal amount, the offer price and the interest rate have yet to be determined, said the company in a filing to […]

    Imperial Pacific seeks more worker visas

    Casino operator Imperial Pacific International Holdings is asking the US government to ease the visa cap for overseas workers in order to support its future casino. Mark Brown, chief executive of Imperial Pacific in an interview with EJ Insight, said the cap of 12,999 workers for the transitional commonwealth-only worker-1 (or CW-1) program was reached […]

    Online Gaming: Bad Bet for Saipan?

    So far, Saipan’s experience with gaming has been like a rollercoaster ride: a near-vertical climb, followed by a precipitous drop. Now the remote island group may double down on gaming—this time online—as a much-needed revenue source. In 2015 the CNMI’s only gaming hall, operated by Hong Kong-listed Imperial Pacific International, opened as a temporary property […]

    No fanfare for Imperial Pacific resort opening, amid protests

    Hong Kong-listed Imperial Pacific finally opened the casino portion of its $3.1-billion IR project on the Pacific island of Saipan on July 6, though the group still faces hurdles in completing the resort. The company has generated considerable buzz since it opened a temporary facility which has been generating multi-billion dollar levels of VIP rolling volume from just 16 tables.