Monday, November 18, 2019
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Macau warns against illicit “encashment”

The Macau Monetary Authority has warned the public against entities offering illegal “encashment” services in the territory. In a statement, the authority said that individuals...

Caesars Q3 results driven by Las Vegas ops

U.S. casino operator Caesars Entertainment posted a 2.3 percent increase in net revenue in 19Q3, driven by increased consumer demand, and its hotel business...

SUZOHAPP to launch new components website

SUZOHAPP is pleased to announce the launch of its new website dedicated solely to its Components business. The new site covers all OEM markets SUZOHAPP...
Macau border (file)

Macau Sept. tourist arrivals gain, overnight guests decline

Tourism arrivals showed strong growth into Macau in September, though government data shows the biggest gains were in the lower spending day tripper category.


Seven IR operators participate in Yokohama’s RFC process

The Yokohama municipal government has revealed that seven IR operators are participating in its RFC process, aiming to develop Yamashita Pier into a major urban IR.

Floyd Mayweather reportedly holds quixotic Japan casino ambitions

Champion boxer Floyd Mayweather reportedly plans to bid for a “casino empire” which he envisions opening on the Japanese island of Okinawa, according to a report in The Sun. If so, his ambitions will soon run up against a cold wall of regulatory reality.

IPI expects Phase 1 of hotel construction to be completed in December

IPI Vice-President for Construction Eric Poon has told the local media that he expects Phase 1 of the resort hotel construction to be completed by December 31, as workers from Mongolia are helping to reinforce the construction team.