Friday, September 24, 2021

PAGCOR casino sale not seen viable as fundraiser

The Philippines Government is seeking to extract as much revenue as possible from its gaming industry, but selling off PAGCOR casinos is not seen as a viable option.
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Suppliers pivot online, exploit built-in advantages

Land-based suppliers have been relatively slow to the digital party, but will likely have some advantages over pure online players as they expand their offering into the space, analysts say.

Direct supervision of Macau operators could jeopardize 80% of premium mass

The proposed “direct supervision” of Macau casinos from Beijing could see as much as 80 percent of premium mass business vaporised, says Ben Lee, managing partner of iGamiX Management & Consulting. 

Vietnam sports betting is seen as too restrictive to make business sense

Vietnam is considering further steps to open up its sports betting market, though industry insiders say it’s still unlikely to be enough to attract investors. 
Japan Olympic Games, Basketball

Basketball‌ ‌scores‌ ‌in‌ ‌Olympics‌ ‌betting‌ ‌preferences‌

Basketball surged in popularity in terms of Olympics sports betting preferences at Tokyo 2020, though sports book operators said the games were not a major driver of volumes. 
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Investors lulled into “false sense of security” on Macau 

Signs China is tightening its grip on Macau triggered a record sell off in the six operator stocks, although the latest edict shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

Beijing pressure on VIP raises doubt on Macau’s return to pre-pandemic revenue

Macau lawmakers caught on that China's policies will have a direct impact on how Macau runs its gaming/ VIP, and on the revenue the government can expect.
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Australia continues to prove tough nut for suppliers to crack

Australia has more than 8,000 bars, pubs and clubs, with many licensed to offer some kind of gaming product, over and above its regulated casinos, which should on the face of it provide an interesting opportunity for global suppliers.

Could Macau-HK travel bubble be moving closer to fruition?

Signs are stacking up that Macau and Hong Kong could be moving closer to a travel bubble. Reports indicate that, starting on Thursday, the Golden Bus service running across the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge is going to be doubling its frequency - from three to six buses daily.

Operators mull differing routes to capture online share

Although short on details, Las Vegas Sands’ long-awaited entry into digital gaming looks set to chart a different course from its rivals, who have all been faster into the online gaming space.