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Non-gaming at Jeju Shinhwa is the brightest part of Landing’s 2021 results

Landing International, the company behind Jeju Shinhwa World in South Korea’s Jeju Island has reported a significant boost in revenue for the year ended December 31, 2021, due mainly to non-gaming revenues spurred by domestic consumption at Jeju Shinhwa World.

Jeju Shinhwa casino no longer offering voluntary retirement, unpaid leave

The operator of the Jeju Shinhwa World casino said it's no longer offering voluntary retirement, or asking staff to take unpaid leave and has instead agreed to work to stabilize relations between staff and management.

Jeju union condemns mass lay-offs at Jeju Shinhwa World

Jeju Trade Unions on Tuesday reportedly held a press conference in front of the Jeju Provincial Office urging the Shinhwa World Casino to stop the mass layoff of its casino workers.

Landing 1H revenue boosted by non-gaming at Jeju Shinhwa

Landing International, the operator fo the Jeju Shinhwa World integrated resort in South Korea, has reported a strong uptick in its non-gaming segment during the first half of the year, but says that the “performance of gaming business remained sluggish during the period”.

Jeju Shinhwa World shakes up its leadership

The Korean media reports that much of the board-level leadership of Jeju Shinhwa World has recently been changed, though the company denies that this has any connection with the recent major theft of funds.

Landing refutes union accusations regarding smoking at Jeju Shinhwa World

In its increasingly bitter dispute with the local labor union, Landing International has refuted claims by union leaders that it puts the health of workers at risk, noting that it complies with all labor laws and that a smoking ban inside the casino is now taking effect.

Jeju Shinhwa World accused of unfair labor practices

The management Jeju Shinhwa World is locked in an increasingly bitter dispute with its employee labor union over allegedly deteriorating worker conditions and interference in protected labor union activities.

Jeju Dream Tower 1Q22 casino sales up 28.4%, mass suffers from lower hold

Lotte Tour Development’s Jeju Dream Tower, posted a 28.4 percent increase in casino sales in Q122, though higher volumes in the mass segment were offset by lower hold. 

South Korea opens up visa-free travel to Jeju, Seoul, and Gangwon

South Korea is set to reinstate visa-free tourism to Jeju and Yangyang starting in June, allowing foreign travelers to stay in the country legally for 30 days without a visa. 

Fire breaks out at Jeju Dream Tower, no casualties

A fire broke out at the Jeju Dream Tower resort, forcing the mass evacuation of the building, according to local media reports.