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Macau visitor arrivals fell 47.8% month-on-month in October on border restrictions

Visitor arrivals to Macau decreased 47.8 percent month-on-month in October 2021, due to a tightening of cross-border restrictions between Zhuhai and Macau in the month, according to data from the Statistics and Census Bureau. 

Macau daily GGR doubles after border restrictions dropped

The re-opening of Macau-China quarantine-free travel led to a doubling of Macau daily GGR for the week of October 18 to 24, according to channel checks from Bernstein. 

Macau further tightens China border restrictions

As the Nanjing outbreak continues to spread, authorities have mandated that all air travellers arriving in Macau from July 31st onwards will be required to present a negative nucleic acid test taken within 48 hours of their departure.

Your Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: Asia with border restrictions retightened

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China to ease restrictions on package tour visa applications to Macau next week

China’s National Immigration Administration announced on Thursday that it's going to ease restrictions on package tour visa applications to Macau, with the new policy to come into effect next Monday, May 15th.

Macau raises daily visitor arrival estimates after lifting border limit

The average daily number of visitor arrivals during the Labor Day holiday is expected to be above 70,000, the head of the Macau Government Tourism Office (MGTO), Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, indicated on Tuesday.

Macau travel agency raises concern over visa restrictions

A Macau travel agency has raised concerns about visa restrictions, particularly for visitors from Vietnam, as Macau's tourism authority aims to promote inbound package tours from overseas.

Travel restrictions to dictate where Chinese punters spend CNY holidays

Beijing says that nations are “taking discriminatory travel restrictions targeting China” and that the nation would “take reciprocal measures” as the nation continues to be swept by a wave of infections after it reclassified COVID-19 as a less infectious disease and opened up to foreign countries.

Macau enters new era as borders reopen and operators gear up for Chinese New Year

Macau has resumed to normal, after nearly three years under restrictive measures due to the pandemic, borders are now open for all travelers, with testing measures eliminated for all arriving from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Japan to tighten border control measures for arrivals from China, Macau and HK

Starting on Sunday, Japan is planning to tighten border control measures for arrivals from China, including Macau and Hong Kong.