Saturday, November 27, 2021

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SimplePlay: Confronting the Candy Witch

Slot supplier SimplePlay has launched its Halloween-themed game “Candy Witch”. It features the great battle between a heroine and the evil Candy Witch.

SimplePlay to launch new slot Game Candy Witch

SimplePlay on Tuesday announced the release of its latest slot title, Candy Witch, featuring a great battle between a heroine and the evil Candy Witch. 

SimplePlay: Lustrous Ocean ups fishing fun

Slot supplier SimplePlay has launched some great games earlier this year and more are coming. These titles have performed well, and have been welcomed by the operators.

SimplePlay: “Mother of Dragons” gives players a wild ride

“Mother of Dragons” is a 5-reel slot. The game comes with 3 different scenes, each with its own reel pattern and ways to win, as well as its own Wild features.

SimplePlay launches SimplePlay APP!

SimplePlay has launched its own SimplePlay APP! to facilitate access to its games from a mobile device. 

SimplePlay: Vanessa saves the world

Slot provider SimplePlay has launched a new slot game, “Vanessa.” The game features a schoolgirl with special powers. In her world, a lady villain threatens the world and everyone’s survival.

SimplePlay: Myth of Phoenix augurs better times

SimplePlay, one of the fastest-growing slots providers in the region, has recently launched a new Slot Game, “Myth of Phoenix”. It is a 4x5-reel, 50-line slot.


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SimplePlay gives out Christmas free spins

SimplePlay is going to celebrate Christmas with its clients by giving out free spins to their players! From 21 December, the slot provider will be giving out a total of more than 80,000 Free Spins to players round-the-clock for 7 days.

Your Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: Cambodia industry shakeout

Cambodia’s new casino capital requirements are likely to lead to a shakeout in the number of casinos, but will lead to a more professional industry in the longer term.