Monday, June 24, 2024

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Okura to close a pachinko hall in Nagasaki City due to continuous losses

Hong Kong-listed Okura Holdings has announced that its Pachinko Hall, K’s Plaza Ohato Hall, located in Nagasaki City, will cease operations with effect from January 14, 2024.

Evolution launches online slot game Crazy Pachinko

Evolution announced the launch of Crazy Pachinko, a unique online slot game that includes a live Pachinko bonus round straight out of Crazy Time, Evolution’s popular hit live game show.

Universal Entertainment’s 3Q23 results boosted by Okada Manila and Pachinko sales

Universal Entertainment's Okada Manila saw a strong revamp in gross gaming revenue during the third quarter, rising to PHP12.35 billion, up some 29.7 percent yearly, as VIP, mass and gaming machines saw increases year-on-year.

Sega Sammy profit surges on pachinko/pachislot sales

Sega Sammy saw its profits increase significantly for 2Q23, due mainly to strong sales growth from its pachislot and pachinko business. 

Dynam withdraws profit forecast regarding Pachinko business acquisition 

Pachinko giant Dynam has withdrawn its profit forecast regarding the recent Pachinko business acquisition, saying that "there is no such expected profit in the acquisition."

Dynam acquires pachinko hall business in Gifu Prefecture for $27.2 million

Pachinko giant Dynam has announced that it is acquiring a pachinko business from Japanese firm Keiai for JPY3.8 billion ($27.2 million).

Strong 1Q23 Okada Manila operations seek to balance Universal’s pachinko/pachislot slide

Okada Manila operator and pachinko and pachislot manufacturer Universal Entertainment has reported a 64.8 percent drop in net profit for the first quarter, totaling JPY2.94 billion ($21.65 million), as sales from its Amusements Equipments segment fell by 31.4 percent, to JPY11.45 billion ($84.33 million).

Okura to close a pachinko hall in Kanagawa prefecture

Pachinko operator Okura Holdings has announced that it will cease operations of its pachinko hall, Big Apple, Ofuna hall (called BA Ofuna) located at Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, with effect from 7 May, 2023.

Pachinko operator Okura Holdings raising $2.5 million to buy more machines/renovate parlors

Pachinko parlor operator Okura Holdings has announced that it will be placing an additional HK$20 million ($2.55 million) in shares on the market in order to purchase more pachinko and pachislot machines and renovate its current pachinko halls.

Okura Holdings revenue up 13.6% due to recovery of customer traffic at pachinko halls

Japanese pachinko operator Okura Holdings saw its revenue increase 13.6 percent year-on-year to JPY3.1 billion ($23 million) in 2H22, as customers returned to pachinko halls.