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Interview with Martin Purbrick: Not all regulation is created equal [video]

Martin Purbrick, director of Purbrick & Associates, who consults on risk related issues with a special focus on sports betting and integrity, speaks with Asia Gaming Brief Managing Editor Sharon Singleton about the boom in illegal online gambling during the pandemic, the risks for sports integrity and how regulation can help, but that not all regulation is created equal.

Your Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: Illegal online gambling booming through the pandemic: Purbrick

The highly-infectious Indian strain of the covid-19 virus has infiltrated both Australia and Macau, both seen as having done well in terms of low covid-19 numbers in the past.

Your Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: Motivations behind call for federal probe into U.S. operators questioned

Last week, the U.S. based trade union, known as the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 501 announced it has sent letters to five U.S. departments demanding a probe into the business relationships that U.S. casino operators have held with former junket operator SunCity and its boss Alvin Chau.

Politics behind call for federal probe into U.S. operators in Macau, say observers

Politics may be behind recent calls by a Las Vegas casino worker union for a federal investigation into U.S. casino operators and their ties with former junket operator SunCity, according to observers of the U.S. and Macau gaming industry.

Loss of junkets may hit as much as 25% of ultra-premium mass, 10% of mass: Bernstein

The death of Macau's junket industry may also result in the loss of between 10-25 percent of its ultra-premium mass and between 5-10 percent of its premium mass business, according to a note from Bernstein Research.

Junket demise may spark capital flows to move online [video]

Macau’s junket model is likely dead and the city faces a painful period of economic transition, although the vast amounts of capital that flowed out of China for gambling is still likely to find an exit and online is expected to be the key beneficiary. 

AGB Pop-Up Forum: Is this the end of junkets?

Analysts expect Macau’s VIP revenue to contract a further 30-50 percent in the coming weeks following the detention of a high-profile junket executive in Macau.The latest events...

Your Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: Lifting the veil on in-game skin betting

Until now, it has been largely unknown how video game “skins,” and the virtual economy in which they are traded have a place in the online gambling world. In our guest piece this week, risk advisory firm Purbrick and Associates explains these interesting phenomena, and what this means for the traditional wagering industry.

Regulated betting the final piece needed to elevate Asian football

This year’s UEFA Euro 2020 has once again proven the power that European football has in drawing global eyes. Amongst all the publicity surrounding Euro 2020, one question must be asked: Where are all the significant Asian football tournaments?

Will Japan score a home goal with sports betting regulation?

The prospect of legal sports betting in Japan has created a buzz in the global community, though industry insiders warn that Tokyo will need...