Monday, December 11, 2023

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Macau taxis to add ride-hailing services this year

Although there are no details yet available, the head of the Macau Taxi Drivers Mutual Association, Tony Kuok, revealed that the city's taxi industry plans to launch ride-hailing services with regular (black) taxis this year.

Macau to issue new taxi licenses soon, amongst complaints

Macau Transport Bureau says it will announce the details of issuing new ordinary taxi licenses soon, as Macau’s taxi industry faces challenges amid a fall in the number of taxis this year and the return of tourists.

Macau October hotel results failed to meet expectations, savvy young customers keeping the industry on its toes

Despite proving to be a good month in terms of gaming revenue and overall visitation, the hospitality sector in Macau in October failed to see its expectations met, as most visitors didn’t choose to stay overnight.

Expert praises increasing budget for attracting foreign tourists to Macau

Although Macau's economic diversification plan for the next five years holds few surprises for the public, some of the announced measures have received positive feedback.

Macau has weathered approach to new T8, doesn’t shutter casinos

Macau weathered a better storm between Sunday and Monday, as the latest Typhoon 8 to hit its shores did not prompt a total shutdown of casino services in the city.

Manpower and transportation seen as barriers for Macau: experts

While Macau is expected to roar back to success, in order to fully achieve its goals it needs improvements to its infrastructure and labor policies, as well as an increase in hotel room numbers, experts pointed out at the ASEAN Gaming Summit.

Macau junket sector collapse leaves employees high and dry

Junket association head Kwok Chi Chung told AGB that less than 10 percent of former junket employees have returned to the city’s gaming industry, despite a resurgence in Hong Kong visitors helping to prop up the VIP sector.

Macau cluster prompts mass rapid antigen testing of whole population

Macau’s latest COVID cluster continues to increase, with authorities identifying even more cases linked to an infected taxi driver, leading to three days of mass home testing of the population.

Macau records four new cases, no signs of mass testing

Macau has recorded three more local cases of COVID, although authorities have not given indication that the discovery could prompt another lockdown or mass testing event.

Macau recovering from Covid scare, dropping restrictive measures on Wednesday

Authorities in Macau say that they are going to cancel the preventative measures imposed after new cases were discovered in the city on August 3rd.