Sunday, November 28, 2021

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Macau a “bright spot” for China outbound tourism

Macau has become a "bright spot" for China outbound tourism, which is expected to rise by 25 percent this year from 2020, Reuters cited state broadcaster CCTV as saying.

Regional operators seen vying for South Korea tourism dollar

Operators around Asia are likely to be competing for South Korean tourists in the likely absence of Chinese travellers in the next few years, says Lloyd Robson, Aristocrat’s general manager for Asia.

How has international tourism flowed in 2021?

Whilst global outbound travel has seen a gradual uptick as we reach closer to the end of 2021, travel to destinations within Asia and the Pacific continue to be challenged, according to data from the October update of the UNWTO Tourism Recovery Tracker.

Your Daily Asia Gaming eBrief: Chinese rediscover local tourism, but Golden Week disappointed

Golden Week was a wash for Macau, but wasn't as positive as had been expected within China itself either.

Chinese rediscover local tourism, but Golden Week disappointed

Golden Week was a washout for Macau, but even for the rest of China, spending and travel trends were lower than had been expected, according to Professor Wolfgang Arlt, founder of the China Outbound Tourism Institute (COTRI).

Chinese travel demand to outstrip tourism infrastructure by end-decade: Bernstein

Chinese outbound tourists will hit 200 million by 2030, which will outstrip the tourist infrastructure in terms of hotel rooms and flights, Bernstein says.

Chinese outbound tourists will prioritise Asia post-pandemic

Chinese outbound tourists will likely choose travel destinations closer to home after the pandemic, as outbreak fears and safety concerns will remain post-covid. 

Chinese thirst for travel regardless of blacklist: Wolfgang Arlt [video]

Professor Wolfgang Artl, CEO and founder of the China Outbound Tourism Research Institute (COTRI), talks to Asia Gaming Brief Managing Editor Sharon Singleton about trends in domestic travel and tourism in China.

Chinese Movements During Golden Week [Infographic]

It is not, as some Western media have said because the Chinese do not dare to travel. With 637 million domestic trips during Golden Week, it shows that people are not afraid to travel.

Will Beijing’s sabre-rattling affect Chinese travel decisions?

China’s threat to draw up a blacklist of countries targeting gambling is most likely directed at the online industry, though may be enough to deter some travellers even if the government doesn’t follow through with its action.