Toyota industries chairman negative on Tokoname IR

In a press conference on Monday, Tetsuro Toyoda, who serves as chairman of both the Toyota Industries Corporation as well as the Chubu Economic Federation, made clear that he was not a keen supporter of the concept of building an IR on Chubu International Airport Island in the city of Tokoname.

“There are a variety of good things about having an IR,” Toyoda stated, “but there are quite a few negative aspects as well.” He added, “Perhaps it can be done after all the obstacles are overcome, but for now I just don’t see it happening.”

Aichi Governor Hideaki Omura is currently studying the possibility of throwing his support behind Tokoname’s proposed bid to build an IR. This cautious stance from the prefecture’s most senior business leader could have a major impact on its prospects.

Without the proactive support of the regional business community, it may prove difficult for the governor to weather public concerns about gambling addiction, crime, and other matters that have made large majorities opposed to IR development in their regions.

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