Ruling Party cruising to electoral victory

Japan’s general election will not be held until next Sunday, October 22, but the implosion of the leading opposition party virtually guarantees another lopsided win for the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, with the only real question being the scale of the victory.

For a brief period about ten days ago, it appeared that Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike would be able to mount a truly threatening challenge to the Abe government, with a reasonably good chance of toppling the prime minister. However, a series of major mistakes by Ms. Koike and her Party of Hope have completely reversed the momentum, and her challenge has faded sharply. Mr. Abe will cruise to a victory by default.

Hiroyuki Hosoda and Takeshi Iwaya, the two leading sponsors of IR legislation within the House of Representatives, also appear safely on track toward reelection, according to the polls.

Many candidates of the opposition Party of Hope and, especially, the Osaka-based Japan Innovation Party, are also advocates of the IR legislation. Therefore, while public opinion in Japan remains strongly opposed to the establishment of casinos within the country, the nation’s legislature will certainly include far more advocates than opponents whatever the precise number of seats the various political parties gain on Sunday.

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JapanThursday, Feb 22, 2018

Government proposals presented to the ruling party this week relating to tax rates, entry fees, and casino floor space restrictions have drawn wildly different reviews from the business community and Japanese political parties.

JapanWednesday, Feb 21, 2018

Japan is considering imposing an entry fee to casinos of Y2000 ($18.6) and imposing a tax rate of 30 percent on operators’ revenue, according to local media reports.

JapanTuesday, Feb 20, 2018

George Tanasijevich, managing director of global development at Las Vegas Sands, recently presented a survey in central Tokyo, which for the first time, indicated that a majority of the Japanese public supports the establishment of IRs in their nation—at least when the question is asked in a particularly leading manner.

Philippines, JapanThursday, Feb 15, 2018

Universal Entertainment Corporation, operator of Okada Manila, recorded a net loss of JPY 13.4 billion for 2017 fiscal year, due mainly to an operating loss from its casino and resorts business.

JapanThursday, Feb 15, 2018

The government is gravitating toward a plan that would allow Japanese customers to enter the casino segment of an IR a maximum of three times per week.

JapanTuesday, Feb 13, 2018

The Osaka prefectural and city governments have decided to take a proactive approach to the issue of gambling addiction, wishing to promote themselves as the national leaders on this matter.

JapanWednesday, Feb 07, 2018

James Murren, chairman and CEO of MGM Resorts International revealed that his company envisions building a relatively small casino that would be less than 2 percent of his proposed IR’s total floor area.