No gambling addiction bill this year

According to the local media, executives of the two ruling coalition parties have firmed up their decision to delay consideration of the forthcoming “Basic Bill on Gambling Addiction Countermeasures” until the Ordinary Diet Session next year.

In practical terms, this means holding off until about May or June of 2018, after the nation’s annual budget is passed.

The Osaka-based Japan Innovation Party (Nippon Ishin) had requested a couple of weeks ago that the ruling party move forward immediately with the gambling addiction legislation, hoping to enact it within the current Diet session ending on December 9th. However, this quick approach was opposed by the ruling coalition Komeito party.

Komeito’s argument, which ultimately prevailed, was that more time should be given to engage in a dialog with the opposition parties about the most appropriate gambling addiction countermeasures, rather than simply forcing through a hastily written ruling coalition bill over their objections.

All major political parties agree on the need for legislation to address gambling addiction, although their various proposals have yet to be coordinated.

Komeito has consistently been arguing that the gambling addiction bill must be passed before moving on to the more controversial IR Implementation Bill.

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