Myanmar regions seek casino permission

Five regional and state ministers in Myanmar have asked for permission to operate casinos in hotels in their territories during a meeting with the country’s vice president, local media reports.

The request came during a meeting with Vice President U Henry Van Thio last month, according to U Yan Win, chair of Myanmar Tourism Federation.
The ministers represented Mandalay, Tanintharyi, Shan, Kayin and Mon. However, the VP didn’t give an immediate response.
“Most ASEAN countries legally allow casino gambling but it is still illegal in our country. That is why many chief ministers sought permission to operate casinos in hotels,” U Yan Win was cited as saying.
He said allowing the operation of casinos in hotels would generate more income for the regional governments, just like in other ASEAN countries.

Although gambling is technically illegal under the 1986 Gambling Law, the practice is still widespread, particularly in border areas.

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