Kerala to ban sales of Mizoram lottery tickets

The Kerala government has written to the Union Home Ministry seeking a ban on lotteries conducted by the Mizoram government, local media reports.

The letter states that the Mizoram Lotteries Director entered into an agreement with Teesta Distributors in violation of the Lotteries Regulation Act and Rules.

Kerala Finance Minister T.M. Thomas Isaac also cited the recent Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) investigation into Mizoram lotteries, which found irregularities in the operation of the lottery.

The finance minister also claimed that the Kerala lotteries received an incomplete letter from Mizoram lotteries regarding arrangements they have made for the conduct of lotteries in the state, which is a requirement for the sale of tickets in the state.

“This letter, sent to the Chief Secretary, just mentions the name of the distributor and nothing more,” he said.

Kerala police on Sunday seized Mizoram lottery tickets worth Rs. 50 million (US$780,205) and arrested four persons associated with Teesta Distributors.

Isaac said a further investigation into the sale of Mizoram lotteries in the state will be conducted.

"Selling of lottery tickets of Mizoram in the state is illegal and it is without getting the state's permission," said Isaac, according to India Today.

"The lottery (tickets) coming into the state is not the Mizoram lottery, but tickets of lottery king Santiago Martin," he alleged.