Kangwon Land scores poorly in customer satisfaction survey

Kangwon Land, the country’s only locals-permitted casino, failed to satisfy customers according to a survey commissioned by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, local media reports.

The 2017 customer satisfaction index, which scrutinizes 232 state-run enterprises and public institutions saw the casino operator score poorly in customer satisfaction.

Other state-run companies that failed to make the cut included  Korea Employment Information Service, Korea Expressway Corp., Jeju National University Hospital, the Korea Childcare Promotion Institute and the Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety, among others.

Customer satisfaction is one of the criteria included in the performance evaluation of the state-run organizations, which affects their wages.

Those rated C, such as Kangwon Land, will be obligated to submit a plan to improve customer satisfaction.

"We will continue with diverse policy efforts to encourage state-run organizations to improve their customer services," the ministry noted.

Earlier this month, a decision was made to fire more than 220 employees of Kangwon Land, who had received their jobs through their political connections.

Kangwon Land last year admitted that between July 2011 and February 2014, 95 percent of all staff hired – some 493 people – were selected either for their political connections or because of their personal relationship to former CEO Choi Heung-jip.

Local media reported that 22 of the 4,786 applicants whose job-seeking efforts were frustrated, have now filed suit against the company seeking 10 million won ($9,800) each in damages.

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