Huang Shan went voluntarily to Vietnam

Earlier this week, it was reported by media that former Macau junket boss, Mr Huang Shan, suspected of embezzling an estimated $1.3 billion of Macau casino junket investor funds was “captured” in a casino in Cambodia.

According to industry insiders, Huang Shan was not “captured”, but instead “found” by fellow junket boss Zhang Zheng aka ZZ, and members of the 'Justice Alliance' who had spent the last two years trying to find him.

ZZ is the CEO of the Heng Sheng Cultural Entertainment Investment Company based in Halong Bay, Vietnam.

In correspondence with AGB, Tony Tong, founder of Pacific Financial Services, vice chairman of the MGIA (Macau Gaming Information Association), and investment advisor to Heng Sheng Investment, said Huang Shan went voluntarily with Heng Sheng staff to the Heng Sheng VIP Club at the Royal Halong Bay Casino, and has since issued a statement thanking the Heng Sheng staff for taking care of him.

Huang Shan in a public statement said that he apologized to all victims, and for causing harm and pain to many victims, investors and creditors. He will face all the debts and asks creditors to come to the VIP Club at Halong Bay in Vietnam for discussions on settlement.

They will need to present documentation with Huang Shan’s signature proving the debt.

Tony Tong, Pacific Financial and MGIA are helping several creditors to fly to Vietnam to meet Huang Shan to discuss settlement plans.

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