Federation launches appeal against GST, possibly in vain

The All India Federation of Lotteries Trade and Allied Industries has issued a public appeal for the reduction of GST on state-authorized lotteries.

The appeal came in the form of an advertisement in Economic Times, appealing to the Prime Minister, Union Finance Minister, state finance ministers and members of the GST Council to lower the 28 percent GST rate placed on lottery tickets.

The appeal draws attention to the gap between the GST rate on state government lotteries (at 12 percent), versus those authorized by the state government (28 percent).

The federation argued also that lotteries provide employment to more than a million people in the country, whose livelihoods would be in jeopardy if the GST scheme is continued as is.

Earlier this week however, it was reported that the central government has turned down demands to reduce the tax imposed on private lottery distributors, meaning the ad may be falling on deaf ears.

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