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Asia Live Tech launches iGaming revenue sharing pool program

Asia Live Tech has announced a new iGaming Revenue Sharing Pool program, allowing operators to earn additional revenue when they use Asia Live Tech’s iGaming Software.

Under the scheme, 91 percent of an operator’s revenue will be theirs to keep, however, two percent of revenue will be accumulated into a Total ALT Revenue Share Pool, and redistributed by Asia Live Tech amongst all the operators using the program.

The scheme allows operators to pocket an additional share of the revenues, potentially from markets they aren’t even operating in, says the company.

The awards are based on performance, so the more active players a company has, the larger their share.

“Asia Live Tech (ALT) believes that this iGaming Revenue Sharing Pool will continue the tradition of offering superior services to their many customers. As a Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies iGaming Software Provider,  ALT believes in adding extra value to our operators and hope to provide other great services in the future,” said the company in an announcement.

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