AGTech integrates sports lottery with Alibaba ecosystem

China lottery service provider AGTech Holdings said it was able to vastly increase brand awareness and recognition as a result of creative sports lottery marketing campaign utilizing the Alipay network.

Launching on March 9, 2018, the promotion saw millions of Alipay users participating in the innovation promotion to win China Sports Lottery’s signature instant scratch lottery tickets, “Ding Gua Gua”, with one lucky participant winning the top lottery prize of RMB 1 million (US$159,365) on April 9.

“By implementing this nationwide innovative online-offline promotional model while leveraging Alipay’s enormous presence and user base, AGTech effectively increased China Sports Lottery’s brand exposure and helped elevate its brand with a new breed of online customers,” said AGTech in a press release.

“Our strategic marketing campaign generated over a billion impressions across China’s most popular online media channels, reaching both lottery and non-lottery customers from across the country.  In addition, the campaign strategically placed China Sport Lottery’s household brand across multiple touchpoints in the ubiquitous mobile Alipay, fully immersing lottery into Alipay users’ everyday life,” it added.

The campaign attracted hundreds of thousands of online customers to China Sports Lottery’s vast land-based network, which AGTech said “demonstrates the power of driving online traffic to offline engagement, and notably generating above average engagement and conversion rates when compared with other typical online marketing campaigns.”

The campaign also was able to bring in new customer segments, with the company noting a higher percentage of females, higher income and younger customers compared to traditional lottery customers.

John Sun, chairman and chief executive Officer of AGTech, said, “We are pleased that the market has responded enthusiastically to this partnership among China Sports Lottery, AGTech and Alipay.  Extensive user engagement and encouraging conversion rates demonstrate AGTech’s ability to promote true innovation and help usher in a new direction of growth in the lottery industry, as we continue to leverage our position as a leader in lottery while combining our deep industry experiences with the enormous resources of Alibaba Group, our parent company. In the future, we will continue to focus on the sustainable and healthy development of the lottery industry and continuously explore new models of operation and promotion, ultimately helping to expand the lottery market and contributing to the welfare of the country as a whole.”

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