November 2015

I have been asked to give my predictions for 2016 with respect to the gaming industry. I was told that one should cover Macau and the other two could address regional or even international trends.

With a whirlwind 2015 coming to an end and holidays soon upon us, it is time to think about what is next. When the editors asked me for my predictions, they know I don’t possess a crystal ball so I was asked to write this as if somebody asked for my opinion in the pub. They must know me well. Macau will continue the race to reinvent.

In July 2015 AGB was invited to visit Giesecke and Devrient (G&D)’s paper plant in Louisenthal, Germany, to witness their state-of-the-art processes for banknote production, printing and cash management. The visit was followed by a number of presentations by senior G&D executives at their headquarters in Munich which highlighted advancements in cash printing, security and management that ensure it continues to be a modern and convenient payment form. Banknotes are still the most used means of payment worldwide - and the only means available to many people in the world.

Best Sunshine International has detailed ambitious plans for its $7 billion project on the South Pacific Island of Saipan, saying it aims to build the most luxurious integrated resort in the world.

New Zealand’s government is reviewing the gambling sector amidst concern about decreasing returns available to fund community projects.

The Australian government has said it will launch a review of the country’s online gambling act, which is expected to look at live-sports betting, the regulation of offshore gambling operations and the regulatory changes required as a result of technological advancements within the industry.

With a huge and rapidly expanding middle class, the potential for casino companies in India knows no limit - apart that is from a lack of a legal framework. 

If foreign investment in Vietnam’s casino sector were to increase by $3 billion from current levels, the country’s Gross Domestic Product would rise by 0.58 percent in the first year, according to a major study looking at the potential of the gaming industry. 

On an overcast morning in Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh, the country’s flagship casino looks less familiar than it did a year ago as construction obscures the entire front entrance.