August 2014

AUSTRALIA: Whither sports betting?
Massive IRs reshape industry landscape

MACAU: Project cost overruns
CHINA: Lottery potential untapped
SINGAPORE: Revenues hit plateau

Bring on the fun

Sega Sammy Creation sees a growing focus on the entertainment aspect of casinos and so aims to up the fun aspect of gaming machines to lure more customers and help grow the industry. 

Hisao Oguchi, CEO commented: “Our strength lies in our ability to provide the highest forms of entertainment possible. This is made possible by utilizing all of our resources, leading technology and rich experience and sensibilities cultivated from both Sega and Sammy. We have applied these assets to the development of gaming machines.”

Some of Macau’s multi-billion dollar resort plans on the Cotai strip are running over budget amidst rising labor and construction costs, though analysts and industry players remain optimistic the potential for topline growth will eventually outweigh the sky-high expense

While gambling outside of the Hong Kong Jockey Club is illegal in the former colony, a recent report estimates that the illegal sports betting market may have generated turnover of HK$500 billion ($64.4 billion) last year, dwarfing casino revenue in neighbouring Macau, the world’s biggest legal gambling hub. Punters lost $12 billion

China’s underground lottery may be three times the size of the official market, while remote sales provide opportunities for foreign providers

While international operators continue to jockey for position for a casino license in Japan, the bill that will unlock the door to a potential $40 billion market remains in political limbo

Rising Chinese tourism numbers are driving revenue in South Korea’s casinos, attracting the eye of international investors and changing the product bias of the market

Taiwan’s long-awaited bill to legalize casinos remains mired in political limbo, though experts are optimistic it may still pass by the end of this year

Russia’s State Duma has passed a bill establishing gambling zones in the newly annexed region of Crimea and in Sochi, the site of the 2014 Winter Olympics, expanding legal gambling in the country and seeking to recoup the economic costs of the games

India’s Delta Corp is expanding its gaming empire, with the launch of the country’s biggest offshore gambling boat in August last year and a five-star luxury casino resort in the Union territory of Daman

Nepal’s government is showing signs of softening its stance after closing down the country’s casinos for the first time in more than four decades earlier this year, amid concern over the impact on tourism revenue