Mainland China


According to the mayor of Zhuhai, He Ningka, the new Gongbei expansion will be in use in the next few months.  The expansion will almost double the Gongbei checkpoint’s capacity from around 260,000 travellers a day to be able to process up to 500,000 crossings.  Its counterpart in Macau, The Barrier Gate, through which travellers must pass before or after Gongbei, can already handle up to 500,000 people per day. 

Analysys International reported that the online gaming sector will hit USD $11bn in 2013, driven by rapid mobile expansion, free-to-play social and mobile casino apps. The firm predicts a 75% rise in social-mobile games as China is set to overtake the rest of Asia in smartphone penetration rates.


The Ai Youxi gaming platform from China's third-largest wireless carrier, China Telecom, reached over 30 million monthly active users and 100 million registered users by the end of last year - up from 40 million in 2011 with momentum coming from the assimilation of the popular Android platform. China Telecom has a 14 percent share of the of the country's wireless market serving 'just' 158 million or so subscribers - where main provider China Mobile counts 700 million subscribers.

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