Police arrested 41 people in raids on illegal gambling dens in Pune and Allahabad. Seven of 25 arrested in Pune were charged with operating an illegal parlor and all the suspects were released on bail. The 19 arrested at a house in an upscale neighborhood of Allahabad included a special operations policemen and a high court lawyer. The police also seized four six vehicles in the raid. A police official said gamblers were charged 2,500 rupees-5,000 rupees ($39-$78) a day.


Mumbai police arrested staff at six cyber cafes for alleged involvement in an online gambling operation. Officers said a few citizens had filed complaints after losing  ₹100,00 to ₹250,000 ($1,650-$4,130), so police sent in undercover officers to investigate. They said the cafes charged ₹1,000 to create an account, then granted players access to casino games via mobile phone or internet, with winnings delivered to their homes or picked up at the cafes. Police alleged that the cafes involved, which operated for two years, are among some 300 in the city franchised by Game King Pvt.

Police in Bhubaneswar arrested two people on charges of running an underground lottery that took more than ₹100,000 ($1,650) from some 5,000 villagers. The police said that Reliable Growth Marketing Solution used more than 200 agents to sell tickets for ₹100. Buyers were instantly awarded gifts of ₹1,000 to ₹3,000 to convince them to sign on for weekly lucky draws, then the company abruptly closed its office, keeping the inflow. Five suspects are wanted in connection with the case.

Police in Kanpur questioned Vinay Singh in the death of his wife Sandhya after neighbors and relatives alleged he killed her after a fight about an illegal gambling den he was operating in the house. The father of the victim said the fight occurred a day after police raided the house and arrested eight alleged gamblers, without catching Singh. He said gamblers gathered at the house every night but Singh's wife wanted the activity halted. Singh told police his wife was killed during a robbery at the house.

Police in Samta Nagar raided a series of cyber cafes in India’s northern region, arresting 33 people for online gambling. Police inspector L. G. Shinde was quoted by local media as saying that “all the cyber cafes have a tie-up with an online gambling portal named Game King India Private Ltd, with whom they share a profit margin. During the raids, police seized computers and hard disks, as well as 131,000 rupees ($2,140.5).



Prosecutors filed a 571-page charge sheet naming 39 people for involvement in the Indian Premier League spot-fixing scandal, including wanted gangsters Dawood Ibrahim and Chota Shakeel. The prosecutors requested that bail be revoked for star cricketer Shanthakumaran Sreesanth and 20 others previously released. Ten of the 39 charged remain at large, with several believed to be in Pakistan.



Mysore police arrested 152 people for alleged gambling in a six and a half hour raid on the Lakshmipuram Sports Club. Police alleged the group was playing cards. The police also seized 450,000 rupees ($7,500), a bison head and an antler during the riad.