05, Dec, 2017

The Gujarat High Court on Monday has rejected the petition from poker clubs seeking for poker to be recognized as a skill game, and has ruled it as a game of chance.

01, Dec, 2017

Westbridge Capital has sold part of its stake in soon-to-be-listed Nazara Games for $51 million, marking the largest private investment in the gaming space in India to date.

30, Nov, 2017

Nepal’s casino sector appears finally to be poised for expansion, with new properties opening and foreign investors entering the market, drawn by the lure of untapped demand in neighboring India and increased business traffic.

The industry is one of the oldest in Asia, but has been through a transitional period, with new international standard gaming regulations introduced in 2013 and with the country hit by an earthquake and temporary border issues in 2015. 

26, Nov, 2017

Total profit of Kerala’s lottery department is expected to decrease 6 to 8 percent this fiscal year, due to the implementation of new GST rules and a revision of the lottery ticket price structure earlier this year.

22, Nov, 2017

Online gaming operator Stride Games has acquired a 51 percent stake in Indian rummy operator Passion Gaming for $3.75 million.

20, Nov, 2017

The Gujarat High Court has dismissed a petition seeking permission for poker and rummy to be played at a city club, local media reports.

15, Nov, 2017

Online rummy operators Ace2Three and Rummycircle have announced the launch of a new not-for-profit federation aimed at empowering the online rummy industry.

14, Nov, 2017

The Telangana legislative assembly have passed the Telangana Gaming (Amendment) Bill, 2017 on Monday, which aims to outlaw games of skill for stakes.

09, Nov, 2017

The hotel held a soft opening in September and the remaining preparations are being carried out for the debut of the casino on Nov. 30th.

It’s been a long haul for the project, which has faced delays and cost overruns, in part due to the massive earthquake that devastated vast swathes of the country in 2015.

09, Nov, 2017

Games of chance are banned across India, apart from in a handful of states, such as Goa, Sikkim and the Union Territory of Daman. However, in 1996, the Supreme Court introduced a wrinkle with a ruling saying that games involving a high level of skill were exempt, even if they were played for cash.