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31, May, 2013


LotRich Information Co. won a tender to supply hardware, software and 6,050 lottery terminals to ChinaTrust Commercial Bank, which operates the public welfare lottery. LotRich is 40 percent owned by Greece's Intralot SA. The contract is to run for 10 years.


17, May, 2013


A group has gathered more than 1,000 of the 4,000 signatures needed to request a new referendum on casino gambling on the Penghu Islands. Residents rejected casinos in a 2009 vote, but local tourism businesses have organized to push for a new vote as the Matsu Islands approved casinos last year and the cabinet sent a draft gaming law to the legislature this month. The organizers say they expect to complete their signature drive by July.


03, May, 2013

The cabinet sent to parliament a draft casino bill laying out the tax regime and admission rules to be followed. Those under 20 years old will be barred and the law would set up an exclusion list for family members to add relatives and bar those in bankruptcy, receiving government aid or with excess debt. ATMs will be barred inside casinos.

03, May, 2013

More than 110 police and prosecutors raided several sites around Taichung and detained 17 people for questioning as they moved against an illegal online sports gambling operation after a six-month investigation. Those questioned include one active and one retired police officer. Prosecutors allege the ring took in NT$236 million ($8 million) in bets between February and April, with baseball attracting the most interest.

03, May, 2013

Former Taiwanese prosecutor Chen Yu-chen confessed in court to charges of accepting $800,000 in monthly bribes from the operator of an illegal video gambling parlor in suburban Taipei for help in suppressing investigations between 2000 and 2006. Chen said she was not motivated by the money because her mother and the mother of  businessmen Shih Yung-hua were friends. Chen faces a maximum sentence of life in prison. Shih was also indicted in March.

05, Apr, 2013


China is likely to restrict direct travel to Matsu if planned casinos open on the Taiwan-controlled island, the director of the mainland's Taiwan Strait Tourism Association said. Matsu is just offshore from China's Fujian province and a 20-minute ferry links the two. Matsu is counting on Chinese visitors, but Macau has been designated by Beijing as the place for legal gambling.


22, Mar, 2013


The head of the international group seeking to develop a casino resort on the Taiwan-controlled island of Matsu said the project stands to make Matsu as prosperous as Macau. William Weidner, chairman and chief executive of Weidner Resorts, urged the government to adopt gaming laws to clear the way for his project's development, which he said would directly create 70,000 jobs and 140,000 indirectly. He suggested his financial backers could lose patience if the laws are delayed. 


15, Mar, 2013


A Taiwanese prosecutor was indicted on charges of accepting more than $800,000 in bribes from the operator of an illegal video gambling parlor in suburban Taipei for help in suppressing investigations. Chen Yu-chen faces a maximum sentence of life in prison. The businessmen, Shih Yung-hua, publicly charged Chen with accepting bribes from him, prompting chen to file a defamation suit, but investigators later substantiated the alleged claims. In addition to cash, Chen is alleged to have received other benefits including meals in luxury restaurants and overseas trips.

01, Mar, 2013

Police closed 36 illegal casinos and seized 440 gambling machines. The clubs were being fronted by restaurants and Internet cafes and other businesses in the cities of Pushkino, Shchyolkovo, Korolyov, Podolsk, Khimki, Balashikha, Reutov, Mozhaisk, Noginsk and Ivanteyevka. A casino operating within an old mansion in the center of Moscow was also closed down. Revenues from the illegal operations were estimated at $3.27 million. Gambling in Russia has been restricted to special gambling zones in remote areas of the country.