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19, Nov 2015
Recent match-fixing scandals that have rocked the world of eSports have highlighted the need for regulation if the industry is to continue to thrive, according to market participants.  
19, Nov 2015
Thailand’s Government Lottery Office (GLO) may double the number of tickets on sale as part of its ongoing efforts to set the retail price of lottery tickets and to break the grip of the major distributors who have forced up street prices. The proposal, put forward by GLO chairman Aphiratch Kongsompong, is among the steps being taken by the government agency to reform the popular bi-weekly lottery since the military came to power in May last year.
13, Nov 2015
Asia Gaming Brief asked its advisors David Green, John English, Luis Mesquita de Melo, Andrew Klebanow and Steve Gallaway, to look ahead and share with us what they believe are the underlying currents for the Asian Gaming industry in 2016. Views may differ but the one common denominator is the shifting of the sands - something will have to give… An end to the IR “arms race," by David Green  The strong will survive, by Steve Gallaway Enough about the Millennials, by Andrew Klebanow Macau will...
12, Nov 2015
In a region traditionally dominated by table games there are signs that a new generation of slots can make an impact, as long as suppliers understand how to take a tailored approach The emergence of skill-based slots and a better understanding of how to tailor machines to local markets is presenting manufacturers and operators with the opportunity to challenge the dominance of the table game in Asian casinos and attract a new type of player.
6, Nov 2015
South Korea says its tourism arrivals have now almost recovered following an outbreak of Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome in May that triggered a three-month plunge in visitor numbers.
6, Nov 2015
India has the potential to be a $16 billion lottery market, but revenue is being lost to a multi-billion dollar black market that is depriving states of much-needed funds.
30, Oct 2015
Integrated resorts have become a buzzword in the gaming industry, with investors and governments around Asia looking to the model as they prepare plans for new markets and properties. However, as gambling revenue in Asia's biggest resorts declines is the IR model the right formula for success?
29, Oct 2015
In a quiet neighborhood in Yokohama, Japan, about twenty senior citizens gather each day in a facility called Day Service Las Vegas. For hours on end they play at card games, mahjong, slot machines, and pachinko. At first glance this may look like an illicit casino patronized exclusively by the elderly, but on closer inspection the 10,000 yen bills that change hands are not Japanese currency at all, but rather the equivalent of Monopoly money.  Although this may seem like innocent fun, in...